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Repurposing St. Paul's for our Community

A House of God for People

St. Paul’s has embarked on a bold project with Partners for Sacred Places (Partners), a US-based, non-sectarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to the active community use and preservation of historic houses of worship. Partners, in collaboration with  Regeneration Works, an innovative Canadian partnership between the National Trust for Canada and Faith in the Common Good, is undertaking a discovery study process, capacity-building training, and a community-wide asset-mapping event. These services are designed to help us plan and prepare for a vibrant future that will leverage its historic building as a vital community asset.


Partners’ discovery study will gather data through confidential interviews with a variety of stakeholders, including community leaders, business owners, and neighbours, and will analyze the community’s perception of St. Paul’s and its work and to learn more about the role of this congregation and its historic Gothic Revival landmark. The results of interviews, and information gathered during workshops, will be incorporated in a report evaluating the church’s assets and opportunities, taking into account the unique aspects of Hamilton and St. Paul’s history and culture. This will provide a vital foundation for St. Paul’s role in future initiatives, such as space-sharing with cultural or community-serving organizations, collaborative programs that serve community needs, or other opportunities that support civic life.



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