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St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church is a Christian community in downtown Hamilton, embodying Jesus’ acceptance and love of all people and supporting the growth of God’s people in faith and service.

St. Paul's is an Inclusive and Affirming Congregation

The church is called to be a welcoming, nurturing, loving and supportive community—a true church family. As affirmed by the 2021 General Assembly, all people whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity are equally beloved by God. The Session of St. Paul’s endorses these truths and will strive to create a church where all people are included and affirmed.

Our Vision


Our Mission

Following Jesus Christ and in His name, we will in humble spirit:

Proclaim God’s love, mercy, and grace through:

  • the way we live as a Christian community

  • our public and private worship

  • our actions in service for others

  • our Christian example


  • for our world

  • for our neighbours

  • for each other

  • for ourselves

Know our community and respond to the needs of its people

Challenge ourselves to live fearlessly and faithfully

What We Believe

St. Paul's is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Presbyterians are protestants in the Reform tradition. 

We believe we are all sinners but are saved through faith in Jesus Christ. We do not deserve our salvation but God grants it freely to us because He loves us. We respond to God's great love by loving our neighbours as we have been loved. We know these things through the Bible, which is God's Word to us. 

For a more detailed description see the Living Faith, a statement of belief written by the Presbyterian Church of Canada. Presbyterians also summarized their beliefs in the 17th century in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

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